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Teeny Tiny Houses

As you read this name, Tiny Tiny Houses, you're probably thinking to yourself that it's perfect. Or maybe you're thinking that it's so perfect that you can build a business around it. Well now's your chance.

This domain name is being held just for you. It would be a perfect name for anyone or any group that is interested in small homes, homes on wheels, miniatures, tiny home communities, tiny campgrounds or businesses that sell small products to a worldwide community of small home enthusiasts.

How can I get this name?

There are three (3) ways in which you can obtain the use of this domain.
  • You can purchase this domain outright with a one-time payment of $4,995 or

  • You can purchase it on a Lease-Purchase with $1,995 down and seven (7) monthly payments of $500 per month each or

  • You may rent the name on a non-contract basis for $250 per month with $1,000 one-time setup fee. As you might suspect, certain restrictions apply to rental prospects so as to maintain the integrity of the domain name.
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